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Due Cose Amare E Una Dolce by Tiziana Rinaldi Castro

Due Cose Amore
Il Lungo

Il Lungo Ritorno by Tiziana Rinaldi Castro

Italia Underground, short stories by Tiziana Rinaldi Castro and other international writers, edited by Angelo Mastrandrea,
Sandro Teti Editori, Roma, 2009.

Italia Underground
Qualcuno ha morso il Cane

Qualcuno Ha Morso il Cane, short stories by Tiziana Rinaldi Castro and other international writers, edited by Riccardo Reim and Antonio Veneziani, Coniglio Editori, Roma, 2008.

Available from:

The Anarchist Bastard by Joanna Clapps Herman

"The Anarchist Bastard is eye-opening vibrant, original, and deep in what it has to say about ancient tradition and its life in America. It did what the best writing does it made me see the world differently. A beautiful book."


Anarchist Bastard
Honoring Darkness book cover

Honoring Darkness: Exploring the Power of Black Madonnas in Italy (Vashon Island, Dea Madre Publishing, 2008)

HONORING DARKNESS: Exploring the Power of Black Madonnas in Italy is a scholarly inquiry into the history, traditions, images, and miracles of the Black Madonnas in Italy. In addition to over thirty color reproductions of images of Black Madonnas from across Italy, it includes an analysis of their reported miracles using leading-edge feminist theories, personal stories from the author?s on-site experiences, and a survey of American women travelers to Italian Black Madonna sites. Detailed references and a bibliography are included for further study.

Eleven Recitations by Annie Lanzillotto 11 Recitations
Blue Pill Blue Pill by Annie Lanzilloto
Carry My Coffee by Annie Lanzillotto Carry My Coffee
She is Everywhere

She Is Everywhere! Volume 3: An anthology of writing in womanist/feminist women’s spirituality (iUniverse 2012);;

She Is Everywhere! Volume 3 is the latest edition of a leading-edge series which, like its predecessors, offers an invaluable contribution to women’s spirituality, religion, philosophy, and women’s studies. This beautiful compilation of essays, poems, and artwork presents work from an international community of scholars, poets, creative writers and visual artists who honor the Sacred Female. The fifty contributors give vision and voice to the rich diversity of the many manifestations of the Divine Female

Singing of the Swans

The Singing of Swans by Mary Saracino
Available at Pearlsong Press:

The Singing of Swans takes protagonist Madelene Ross on a multi-century journey back and forth through time to reclaim her soul and her very contemporary American life. Along the way she encounters healers who fly through rooftops, herbalists who paint flaming images of Black Madonnas, an ancient priestess who helps rescue a Goddess statue from the clutches of an evil 70 BCE governor of Sicily, and an environmentally compromised lake in need of restoration. Elements of magical realism dovetail with historical lore as this compelling tale of redemption unfolds.

Voices of the Soft-bellied Warrior by Mary Saracino
Available at:

Shortly after Saracino’s first novel was published in 1993, she began to experience an inexplicable clenching of her vocal cords. Over a four-year period, she was increasingly unable to speak without great strain. In 1997 the mysterious problem was diagnosed as a rare voice disorder. This memoir is the compelling story of the author’s journey and her struggle to reclaim her voice on physical, spiritual and emotional levels. It is ultimately a tale of epiphany, recovery and redemption. Praising the memoir, Louise DeSalvo wrote: “A stupendous achievement. Saracino speaks here as she has never spoken before; as no one has ever spoken before.”

Voices of the Soft-bellied Warrior
Finding Grace Finding Grace by Mary Saracino
Available at:

The sequel to No Matter What, this novel focuses on the explosive aftermath of protagonist Regina Giovanni’s mother’s decision to leave her husband and two sons and run off with her three daughters and her lover, a Catholic priest. Finding Grace is an unforgettable story of love, loss, grief, betrayal, and finally hope, as a family struggles to redefine itself and heal after being torn apart. Finding Grace won the 1999 Colorado Authors’ League “Top Hand” Award in the category of Adult Mainstream/Literary Fiction.

No Matter What by Mary Saracino
Available at:

This novel, a 1994 Minnesota Book Award fiction finalist, tells the story of family love and betrayal in the haunting voice of its ten-year-old narrator, Regina Giovanni. As the oldest daughter in her working class Catholic family, Regina is her mother’s confidante. However, as her mother’s extramarital affair with a Catholic priest begins to destroy her family, her mother’s secret soon becomes too much for Regina to bear. In praise of No Matter What Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina, wrote: “Unflinching, insightful, beautifully written…”


No Matter What
Fishing for Portents by Jennifer Lagier
Available from Pudding House Publications
B Amore's An Italian American Odyssey,
Life line - filo della vita: Through Ellis Island and Beyond



Awkward: A Detour by Mary Cappello
Forthcoming from the Bellevue Literary Press in Spring 2007


Our Roots Are Deep with Passion: Creative Nonfiction Collects New Essays by Italian-American Writers Edited by Joanna Clapps Herman, Lee Gutkind; Foreword by Joe Mantegna


The Skin Between Us: A Memoir of Race, Beauty, and Belonging by Kym Ragusa (W.W. Norton, 2006).
Gli Italiani sono bianchi? Come l'America ha costruito la razza
Vertigo, A Memoir by Louise DeSalvo
Hands: Physical Labor, Class, and Cultural Work by Janet Zandy
Calling Home: Working-Class Women's Writings edited by Janet Zandy

Ralph Fasanella's "Family Supper" (inspired by his anti-fascist, socialist, activist, immigrant mother Ginevra Spagnoletti).

Image of book cover
Narrative tra due sponde. Memoir di italiane d'America by Caterina Romeo (Carocci, 2005)

Death by Renaissance: Poems by Paola Corso with photographs by George Thomas Mendel

Writing With an Accent: Contemporary Italian American Women Authors by Edvige Giunta (Palgrave, 2002).

Milk of Almonds: Italian American Women Writers on Food and Culture, edited by Louise DeSalvo and Edvige Giunta (Feminist Press, 2003).

Women, Gender, and Transnational Lives: Italian Workers of the World, edited by Donna Gabaccia and Franca Iacovetta (University of Toronto, 2002).

Crazy in the Kitchen: Food, Feuds, and Forgiveness in an Italian American Family by Louise DeSalvo (Bloomsbury, January, 2004).
Sicilian Feasts by Giovanna Bellia LaMarca celebrates the history, customs, language, cuisine and feasts of Sicily (Hippocrene, 2003)

Mangia Syndrome by Jennifer Lagier. Pudding House, 2004.
Cover of Mangia Syndrome

Cover of Second-Class Citizen
Second-Class Citizen by Jennifer Lagier. VIA Folios 19 (Bordighera Press, 2000).

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