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We are a feminist collective dedicated to promoting the creative work of women.

We are filmmakers, writers, teachers, musicians, artists, dancers, historians, photographers, and community activists. As cultural workers, we understand the power of language, sound, image, and performance to influence people's thoughts and actions, and we are devoted to exploring how representation shapes people's lives. Our commitment is to create cultural events which explore our Italian roots, but that are multi-ethnic in subject, scope, and design.

The Malìa Collective formed in Fall 2001. We wanted a name that was Italian, ancient, powerful, feminine, evocative. And so we chose Malìa. Malìa: magia, seduction, enchantment, strength. A power outside the norm, outside bounds. Power to resist, power to create. A name that is singular and collective. Not one trick, one strategy, one tool but a repertoire, rich and open; a world of possibilities rooted in old stories we remake individually and together. We are not The Collective of Italian American Women. We are a Collective, one group of Italian American women who come together crossing borders of identity and nation, striving to shape a vision that is participatory, progressive, diverse.

We are based in the NY/NJ metro area, but our network extends across the U.S., Canada and Italy. We have collectively organized such events as Celebrating the Voices of the Women of Hudson County: A Multiethnic Reading of Memoir & Poetry; Sicilian American Women Authors; Persephone and Demeter: A Reading Cycle; A Commemoration of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire; Speaking of Jersey: Italian American Women on the Garden State; Malafemmina: A Festival of the Cinema of Italian and Italian American Women; Creative Responses to Race, Violence and Community: A Call for Peace, and many other events.


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